Welcome to 2018, the beginning of the year is a time when most people will set themselves new goals and resolutions. If one of your goals for 2018 was to save money then we’ve got a couple of quick and easy methods for you.

52 Week Challenge:

The idea of the 52 week challenge is to slowly build up your savings throughout the year, the amount you save depends on the week. For example week 2 you save £2.00, week 6 £6.00 and so on. If you stick to this saving habit by the end of 2018 you will have £1,358!!

365 Challenge:

If the above sounds too challenging, then there is a way this can be broken down into smaller chunks and actually enable you to save more! The rules of the 365 challenge are simple: save £1 on Sunday, £2 on Monday, £3 on Tuesday, adding an extra £1 each day. Then come the following Sunday, drop it back to £1 again and repeat over. By the end of 2018, if you stick to this every week you will have just under £1,500!

Where you save the money is completely up to you but here a couple of obvious suggestions: save your spare cash in a money jar or set up a simple bank transfer. If transferring money from your bank account everyday seems like too much hassle, set up a weekly transfer for £28.00 instead – you’ll still have the same amount saved by the end of the year.

Saving with NYFold:

We really hope that you found these methods of saving money useful – feel free to comment below with any of your own tips and tricks! Don’t forget, there’s also plenty of ways you can save money at NYFold by taking advantage of our latest offers !