Pizza has had a long history with disputes still raging about the country and date of origin. Egyptian? Greek? Italian? Who knows? What we are interested in is New York style pizza and lucky for you, the story of NY style pizza is pretty straight forward. Here we go…

The history of pizza

The first pizzas created in New York came from two Italian immigrants, Gennaro Lombardi and Antonio Totonno Pero. Hailing from Italy, the pair followed the traditional Neapolitan style. Few toppings and a smaller size (typically 12” in size). Over time and with America’s penchant for doing things on a large scale – the pizzas got bigger. Nowadays, a typical New York style pizza is 18”. We have remained true to this format, ours are 20” (wink face).

The story of the slice

The story goes that a whole pizza used to be too expensive for most people and therefore they offered what they could afford and a slice would be cut to match. The large size of the slice meant folding in half was not only necessary but practical to keep the topping from sliding off. Nowadays, the slice is a perfect way for busy New Yorker’s to grab food on the go.

American Pizza vs Italian Pizza

What’s the difference between American and Italian pizza? Simple: New York style pizza is not just bigger than it’s Neapolitan counterpart. Dough, sauce and cheese are also slightly different.

Dough is the foundation of any great pizza, and this is no different at NY Fold. It goes without saying, that the dough of a truly wonderful pizza should be freshly made everyday. Any establishment that doesn’t, isn’t worth your hard earned money. To make the dough, sugar and oil are added to the high gluten bread flour. The dough is then rolled out to give the pizza it’s wide, thin base. Watch our video to see the masters at work.

Sauce can make or break a pizza. For an authentic NY style pizza, the sauce is composed of olive oil, canned tomatoes, garlic, sugar, salt and herbs such as oregano, basil and crushed red peppers.

Cheese is the final critical part of this majestic creation. Unlike it’s Italian rival, the New Yorker is always topped with grated mozzarella as opposed to the slices you would find on a Neapolitan.

Most are cooked in a gas oven to avoid the charring of Neapolitan pizzas. When cooked, a perfect New York pizza should be thin and crispy. Delicious!

Pizza has a long history and has been offered up to people in a variety of forms. It is still one of the most popular meals on the planet, whether you are sharing a giant 20” pizza with a mate or grabbing a slice on the go – Fold have got you covered.

The new generation of NY style pizza is now available in Monohaus, London Fields and Charing Cross Road, Soho